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Bring the power of Microsoft Cloud Services to your business

For companies who have, or a desire to have, Microsoft technology at the core of their business and IT investment, Atvero provides a scalable project information, content, document and email management solution that adds value to project delivery processes.

Atvero seamlessly integrates with a Microsoft Office365 tenancy and subscription; built on the solid foundation of Office 365 SharePoint, to deliver a cloud-based solution that allows you to organise and centralise the creation and management of your project email, documents and drawings through to delivery.

Maintaining accurate information across all projects and information and communication delivered to team members, wherever they are, has never been simpler than with the Atvero. Through integration with Microsoft Groups, Atvero helps all members of the project stay connected, coordinated and up to date with project related correspondence.

‘Atvero PIM provides Chapman Taylor with a modern and scalable Project Information Management solution that meets our business needs for the next decade and beyond. For Chapman Taylor to be competitive, win and deliver more successful projects, we need a platform that gives us flexibility, but also rigour in our project delivery processes. Atvero PIM offers us this capability.’

Andy Hudson, Director, Chapman Taylor


Take SharePoint to the next level

Atvero provides a fully functional project information management environment that enables immediate value for project teams through:

Enforced document naming standards globally, locally or on a project basis, defining your own or using built in naming conventions like BS1192.

Location of project information in a single global environment, perform search and filtering with enhanced AEC specific metadata for email, documents, drawings issued or received information.

Intelligent project email filing based on project contacts and role. Automatic filing with project email addressing.

Reduced administration around common project tasks Implement Project Control and Template files globally or locally.

Improved quality assurance processes to support ISO9001 and other regulatory frameworks. Implement hold and release ‘workflows’ for issue and submissions

Managed contacts lists across the business defined at global, regional or local office level. Add AEC specific titles, roles and responsibilities to people and contacts in your projects.

Integration with AutoCAD, Revit and BIM360 Design for collaboration, sharing & publishing.

Tracked document and drawing versions with AEC industry standard revisions and stages, allowing for detailed workflow, tracking and reporting across projects.

Integrated Workshare Portal to issue and receive information, with full audit trail held centrally.

Secured contractual or confidential information across projects, multi-level access enforces control and accessibility of key documents, contacts or emails.

Feature check-list Atvero + Sharepoint
Information access: Desktop, Web, Mobile
Project(s)-wide filtered search
Intelligent Project Email Management, with Outlook
Configurable Project Summary Pages
Global and Project Contact library
File naming to BS 1192/ISO 19650-2, or to company standards
Flexible workflow
File Versioning, Revisioning and Co-authoring
Document Management
Document Issue Control
Workshare Portal for project stakeholders
Task Management*
Project Reporting, Audit Trail and Power BI integration
BIM-Revit document issue integration

*in development


Revolutionise the creation, management and sharing your company’s documents

Atvero will revolutionise your company’s ability to create, manage and issue project related documents and drawings and associated files.

With easy to use filters that can span the entire dataset, information is at your fingertips.

Create and store

Define your company templates, project control and drawing placeholders. Best practice workflows from the start of every project.

Manage and view

Manage and review, automated version control and revisioning, deliver projects with new found confidence.

Issue and Track

2 factor authentication, eDiscovery and Compliance functionality so you don’t have to worry about mislaying that import document or email.


SharePoint is an integral part of Microsoft Office 365 and used by thousands of organisations worldwide.

Atvero harnesses the power of Microsoft SharePoint, creating and end-to-end Document Lifecycle Management that works the way you do...

So why not build on it with Atvero to help deploy a Document Management solution that is already helping many clients in the architecture, engineering, construction, BIM and facilities management industry manage and deliver projects in the most integrated way possible.

Tailored To You

Industry-standard: customised for you



The team at Atvero have worked hard to maintain a simple yet functional product that meets the demands of the business that we serve.

As solution architects we can help you with a much or as little integration as you require. From importing company data or email from legacy systems to setting up project templates just the way you want them. The powerful suite of tools at are disposal are all designed to get your systems function and integrating as seamlessly as possible, from naming conventions and document templates to project home pages, calendars and planers, group emails and global contacts, we can help define the best workflows with you to ensure that you hit the ground running.

Atvero delivers Document Management using Microsoft SharePoint Office 365, cleverly wrapping around the raw power under the bonnet to deliver a sophisticated yet usable solution that won’t leave you or the team struggling to engage like so many of the other products on the market.

Whether you are Microsoft Office 365 user already or would like to be, the team at Atvero can help you every step of the way.

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