Project Information Management software
on Microsoft 365

Delivering project success for architects and engineers, contractors and owners.

Smarter, Flexible Project Delivery

  • Atvero, Microsoft 365 workflow integration

    Fully integrated cloud PIM software on SharePoint online

    Brings your project workflows and software together

    Manage the full lifecycle of documents and drawings from creation to issue and transmittal

  • Document control and history

    ISO 19650-2 compliant by design

    Enforce document naming standards globally, locally or by project

    Version history, access and transmittal information

    Document templates and project standardisation to reduced admin time

  • Project governance by design

    Improved quality assurance

    Support ISO9001 and other regulatory frameworks

    Implement Project Control and Template files globally or locally

    Own your project information

  • Access project information on any device anywhere

    A fully cloud based service (SaaS) for global workshare

    Find information easily with powerful search and filtering with AEC specific metadata for email, documents, drawings and other information

    Fully mobile access to information

  • Project email management and Outlook Add-In

    Intelligent project email filing to adhere to PI requirements and quality standards

    Outlook Add-In

    Custom features based on project contacts and role

    Automatic filing with project email addressing

  • Revit publishing Add-In

    Publish drawing sheets into Atvero, directly from Revit

    Set status, revision and classification

    Guaranteed parity between model and issued information

Collaborative Workshare

Atvero PIM software enables businesses to drive project efficiency on the Cloud, by placing Microsoft SharePoint Online and Teams at the heart of your key processes.

Atvero provides a modern, collaborative document and information workshare environment for all project teams.

Workflow Productivity

Atvero PIM software brings project processes together on a single platform including project contacts, email, documents and drawings both created and received. With powerful search and filtering capability, information is always at your fingertips.

Seamless integration with commonly used BIM authoring including Revit, collaboration and accounting tools to increase productivity.

Improved Quality and Reduced Risk

Atvero PIM software delivers project success by ensuring that all deliverables meet client requirements, standardising file naming and graphic outputs.

Deliver improved quality at reduced risk through ISO 19650, ISO 9001 and PI compliance with Atvero.

With Atvero you maintain 100% ownership of your project information with Microsoft Azure data governance. Don’t be left stranded on non-collaborative construction projects again.

“Atvero provides Chapman Taylor with a modern and scalable Project Information Management solution that meets our business needs for the next decade and beyond. For Chapman Taylor to be competitive, win and deliver more successful projects, we need a platform that gives us flexibility, but also rigour in our project delivery processes. Atvero PIM offers us this capability.”

Andy Hudson
Director, Chapman Taylor

Atvero nominated for four Construction Computer awards at the Hammers

Following the award of ‘Company to Watch 2019’, Atvero is proud to announce it has been nominated for four 2020 Construction Computer awards.

Vote for Atvero here

Voting Closes: 2nd November

Winners Announced: 12th November

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Digital Construction Week Summit 2020

Atvero was a proud to be sponsor at this year’s Digital Construction Summit, a key annual event for digital decision-makers in the built environment sector.

For more information click here

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