Atvero is a Project Information Management (PIM) software solution developed by Nittygritty specifically for use in the AECO industry.

Atvero - made by Nittygritty

Nittygritty is a respected technology company, operating since 2003 to provide BIM consultancy, IT support and software services to over 100 design companies.

Atvero was established in 2018, with a sole mission to develop and deliver affordable, high value-based Business and Project Information Management software for the AECO industries on the Microsoft SharePoint ands Teams - the world leading online business platform.

Our lead customer

Atvero’s first customer Chapman Taylor, is an award-winning practice of global architects and masterplanners, known for designing places and buildings that are both creative and successful.

Chapman Taylor recognised that their incumbent PIM capability did not provide a scalable platform for their business strategies. Microsoft 365 SharePoint was designed as a platform for modern, forward-thinking businesses, but lacked the workflows necessary to support industry and BIM standards within a highly dynamic and integrated project delivery environment.

Atvero PIM was born to combine the power and familiarity of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams with the flexibility to meet the requirements of today’s design and construction projects.

Discover a smarter way

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