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Atvero maintains accurate information across all projects and delivers to team members wherever they are, has never been simpler. When on the move Atvero, with seamless integration to Microsoft Teams, helps all members of the project stay connected, coordinated and up to date with project related correspondence.

One of the strengths of Atvero is its focus on AEC-specific metadata. Where integrations with design authoring tools are used, this information is extracted automatically from drawings and documents, and where possible checked automatically to ensure consistency.

  • Revit Add-In
  • AutoCAD Add-In
  • BIM360 Integration
  • Validate file and metadata against ISO19650 or project naming standards
  • Populate drawing sheet metadata automatically
  • Sheet views, revision and status parameters automatically synchronised
  • Automatic PDF, DWG and DXF publishing by sheet size


The Atvero PIM software Revit Add-In is bi-directional, enabling Revit sheet views, revision and status parameters to be synchronised with Atvero’s document management capabilities so that drawings tagged in Atvero with a particular revision, status, scale, size etc show the same information within Revit. It offers one-click publish to PDF, DWG and DWF for QA, Transmittal or CDE uploading.

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