A Powerful Combination:
SharePoint, Teams and Atvero

SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive

Microsoft 365, for most organisations, is at the centre of business applications that we know and love to use. How we manage, communicate, access and share information however becomes more complex when more people are involved across teams and organisations.

OneDrive provides the individual data storage. Once documents are shared, SharePoint online provides the information glue across the enterprise, enabling teams to co-author, search and share content in an open collaborative environment, with security for internal and external organisations.

Microsoft Teams further enables project teams to create an open, collaborative workspace where team channels can be used to organize conversations by topic, area, or anything else. Online calls with video support meetings all Microsoft 365 applications.


On their own, Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams cannot and do not satisfy the requirements for design and construction companies necessary for managing project information. With Atvero on Microsoft 365, the workflow, processes and standardisation support necessary to deliver projects is fully enabled. Use Teams with Atvero for added collaboration on the project – with Atvero accessed within Teams or Teams within Atvero. Users are fulfilled, companies gain more value from their Microsoft 365 subscription and projects are delivered with full control.

Feature SetSharePointAtvero + SharePoint
Modern, easy to use
Data integrity
Organise, access, share, search
Tiered security and search by project
Project email management
QA compliance
ISO 19650 / BS1192-2 naming compliance
Document issue audit (Transmittals, CDE)
Document issue audit (Transmittals, CDE)
Contacts by role and organisation
Issue from Revit
Full AEC-ready revision and version history

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