Manage Email
in the Context of Project Information

Atvero PIM software provides email management for all your project related email - on the cloud. Atvero PIM software provides email management for all your Email correspondence is a key piece of information for any project that needs to be seen in context to other project documentation.

Whether project teams are in or out of office travelling, Atvero enables you to access and file project email in context to all your other project related documents and drawings.

With the Outlook Add-In

Atvero Email Management

With Atvero’s Microsoft Outlook Add-In, the email management tool learns your filing behaviour and prompts you to file against your current projects or simply search for previously used projects.

Even when project teams file the same email across your business, Atvero will only file once - removing the duplicate emails. With integral cloud processing, there are no performance issues related to filing, enabling users to move on to their next task without waiting for filing to be completed

Emails are filed centrally with each project managed by Atvero on your SharePoint tenancy – your data, whenever you need it.

Atvero uses the power of SharePoint search capability further providing a powerful yet familiar filtering interface to find previously filed email in or across projects. So, whether you are looking for email based on sender, subject, date, body text and or in attachments, Atvero will rapidly find it!

  • Project email filing for Windows and Mac
  • Outlook add-in
  • Single or bulk filing
  • Cloud processing
  • Send and file (Windows only)
  • Deduplicates email on filing
  • Powerful, deep file indexing and search
  • Project email address filing

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