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Making the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription, Atvero builds on the SharePoint plaform for information storage and surfaces project information seamlessly in Teams.

Introducing Atvero


Atvero is a unique cloud-based Project Information Management solution for design and construction companies who have, or who are looking to have, Microsoft 365 technology at the core of their business and IT investment.

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Save priceless time and increase productivity

Access your project documents, drawings, contacts, and emails easily and quickly with the latest version of everything readily available at any time. Avoid replication of data with all document and drawing revisions located on the cloud in your projects central Records list.
Atvero Exchange and version control graphic

Collaborate on the cloud with Microsoft 365

Work on projects anywhere, across any device within the already familiar Microsoft 365 ecosystem, where your data is protected by Microsoft. Gain more benefits from your Microsoft 365 subscription, collaborating and sharing documents seamlessly thanks to Atvero’s first class integration with the Microsoft Office suite.
Atvero Exchange and version control graphic

Ensure quality control

Guarantee project quality with ensured naming compliance to the industry standards such as ISO 19650 or your company’s own custom schemes. Access a full audit trail for transmittals and complete document version history with Atvero tracking everything in and out your projects.

Discover a smarter way

with Atvero

Delivering business and project success for architects and engineers, contractors and owners.

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