A Smarter Way of
Managing Project Information

Atvero PIM software seamlessly integrates with existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions, building on the solid foundation of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams to deliver a cloud-based solution that allows users to organise and manage the creation and management of project emails, documents and drawings.

Atvero brings answers to common issues faced on delivering projects

  • Please tell me what the latest revision is for a document or drawing and show me information sent to a given person, when, and for what purpose.
  • I need to keep certain sensitive emails, documents and client contact details separate and only viewable by authorised individuals.
  • Please make it easy to use standard naming conventions like BS1192 for my drawings. I can’t understand all those codes and numbers.
  • Align my organisation’s ISO9001 QA objectives and PI insurer requirements?
  • My team have to send and receive information easily but also in a managed way, with a full audit trail
  • We need a simple project setup workflow complete with templates and drawing lists.
  • We need to delegate Approval cycles to ease critical release cycles, and retain approval history
  • Can I publish drawings for issue, with revisions and suitability codes from Revit to Atvero?
  • Can I have the same contacts in Outlook and Atvero? Will it show me the role that contact had and can I search across projects?
  • I just want to be able to find project information quickly, wherever I am, on any device.

Add immediate project value

Wherever you are, Whenever you need it.

Atvero maintains accurate information across all projects and delivering information to team members wherever they are has never been simpler.

When on the move Atvero, with integration to Microsoft Teams, helps all members of the project stay connected, coordinated and up to date with project related correspondence.

  • Information access: Desktop, Web, Mobile
  • Document Management
  • Project Email Management with Outlook 365
  • Configurable project home pages
  • Global and project contact and company library
  • File naming control to BS 1192/ISO 19650-2 or to company standards
  • Microsoft Document control: File Versioning, revisioning and co-authoring
  • Exchange Portal for project stakeholders
  • Project Files access and project-wide search
  • File and folder sharing
  • Task Management*
  • Project Reporting, Audit Trail and Power BI integration
  • BIM-Revit and Autodesk integration
  • BIM360 integration
  • Bluebeam Studio collaboration*
  • Project Accounting integration

*Q2 2021 Roadmap **Q4 2021 Roadmap

Discover a smarter way

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