Keep all of your project related information in Atvero and find all project contacts, documents, emails and transmittals in one place.

Everything in one place

Each Atvero project has a dedicated site where all project related information can be accessed in addition to having a group mail box, Notebook, Planner, Document Library and Teams channel.

Customisable Overviews

At a glance see all the key information about a project from its custom templated homepage from the Project Information Factsheet, to the overview of PCF Records.

Intuitively Organised

Each Atvero project has a decicated page for all key areas of a project such as Records, Contacts, Transmittals and Emails. Atvero's search and filter find the most up to date information without having to dig around in poorly structured folder systems.

Controlled Access

Users within a project will have different access to features and confidential information depending on whether they are an Owner, Member or Visitor of the project.

Integrated with Rapport3

Integrated with Rapport3, Atvero easily pulls through project and contact information, to streamline the flow of information and keep everything synced.

Project Details

Create Projects in Atvero using existing Rapport3 projects to bring across all details about a project. All project information in Atvero will be read only, treating Rapport as the source of truth so you details are never out of sync.

Contacts & Companies

Atvero syncs your global address book with your Rapport3 contacts list to make sure all your contact information is available and up to date. Atvero will create contacts that are only found in Rapport and update existing Atvero contacts with Rapport information.

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