Information management platform for modern businesses

Understanding the AECO Industry

The AECO industry in which Atvero serves, faces many challenges and demands for change in the era of digital transformation and a desire for an integrated and modern digital office. In the built environment, data and information is at the heart of business operations and hence systems that manage information needs to be fit for purpose as it evolves over the next decade and beyond.

While much emphasis has been placed on BIM authoring tools and coordination during BIM Level 2 protocols, and now with the introduction of ISO19650, managing issued business and project deliverables and communications through the lifecycle of an asset is increasing seen as the next nut to crack. Establishing the source of truth through the complex and hugely dynamic project delivery channels is extremely challenging across silos of information. Atvero supports a common and connected environment on the industries preferred Microsoft 365 business platform, to enable open collaboration and sharing of information.


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