Executive Team

NittyGritty are the IT and BIM consultancy experts behind Atvero and have been delivering specialist support to the design and construction industry since 2003.

Our experience and practical knowledge of the AEC sector will help your business move from expensive on premise IT to modern, flexible cloud based IT operations.

Marcus Roberts


Heading up Atvero's development team, Marcus is currently building SharePoint based applications with ReasonML and React, MS Graph and Azure.

Marcus has a PhD in computer science and a full-stack knowledge of IT systems and software. After post-doctoral research into distributed systems, Marcus gained experience in industry deploying web hosting solutions, leading software development teams and delivering IT services for SMEs. Marcus joined Nittygritty in 2006.

Lee Briscoe


Lee co-founded NittyGritty in 2003, with Liam Southwood.

With a background of furniture technology, design and fabrication, Lee moved into IT manager roles at AHMM and Squire and Partners. With 20 years’ experience in IT support management, Lee leads the IT team.

Liam Southwood


An architect before starting NittyGritty with Lee Briscoe in 2003, Liam has delivered a unique combination of IT enablement and BIM services for NittyGritty clients.

A regular attendee of Autodesk University and speaker at BIM events around London, he heads the BIM consultancy team at NittyGritty and is a subject matter expert in BIM strategy and adoption, encompassing a wide range of digital technologies for successful projects. Liam is the Atvero product executive.

Paul Daynes


Paul is an experienced business manager in international and domestic business development, sales, channel management and product marketing of high value design and enterprise information technology solutions, consultancy and services in the engineering and construction industry.

With over a 40 year career, Paul has gained experience of the work processes and systems required to execute, deliver and operate construction projects efficiently in the AEC-BIM industries, Oil&Gas, Process and Power markets. Paul joined Nittygritty in March 2019.

Allan Chaplin


Allan is the lead developer on Atvero having joined NittyGritty in 2009. His key responsibilities in developing the software are project and process management.

Currently his focus is on client liaison and quality assurance. Allan is a qualified Systems Engineer with over 20 years’ industry experience. He has worked extensively with major firms in the defence, mobile communications and mobile computing industries and more recently in medical eduction software and database archiving. With over 10 years as a C++ developer, Allan is now working in leading edge areas of web application development using ReasonML, React, MS Graph and Azure.