Atvero value by role

Atvero gives value to all aspects of a business, projects and IT environments. Check out what Atvero can deliver for you.

Smarter Businesses

Business and project managers require accurate information to make critical decisions that help projects run more smoothly. With Atvero PIM business leaders can access important data when it is needed:

  • Mitigate risk during project lifecycle, through a centralised source of information and truth
  • Increase business efficiency by processing information across project applications; reducing administrating costs and more time for core activities
  • Win and deliver more projects successfully, by demonstrating compliance to industry process and quality standards
  • Improve project management reporting from multiple information sources (via PowerBI)
  • Support projects of all sizes from SME’s to large enterprises with a scalable solution.
  • SaaS low cost subscription; monthly, quarterly or annually to meet your project needs

Smarter Project Teams

Project Managers and Project Teams always need more time to do what that do best; design, build, and operate. They need a solution that will help to overcome the daily issues that naturally take time and be burdened by administration that invariably increase costs. Atvero PIM provides tools that enhance team efficiency—saving time and money—and successfully deliver projects:

  • Answer project questions, through fast access to project information
  • Controlled, configurable workflow to manage documents from creation to issue
  • Flexible document naming enforcement to ensure adherence to quality and industry standards
  • SharePoint online - Industry standard platform for today’s discerning project teams that desire a modern, ease of use and interaction with their project information
  • Collaborate efficiently, with audit trail of communication
  • Rapid deployment to aid fast project user adoption.

Smarter Information Technology

IT professionals invariably are required to support many solutions on different platforms, which takes time resolving the issues of the day. Atvero Project Information Management has been developed on the Microsoft Office 365 platform, which provides:

  • Fast onboarding, enables faster use and value
  • A single environment, that requires less administration, enables easier upgrades and lowers overall IT cost of ownership
  • Extended value from your Microsoft subscription and utilisation of Microsoft and 3rd party applications
  • Increased productivity through seamless integration with Project Documents, Diaries, Email, Tasks and Notes on a single platform
  • Integration with a corporate Intranet and Company-wide Contacts
  • Enhanced data integrity on a common platform
  • Mobile first: Information available anywhere, on any device
  • Microsoft® Azure® Cloud security, backup and retention.
  • No Data Lock-in