London, UK – Published October 21th 2020

The Power of SharePoint and its Potential for Construction

The premise of the session was for all panel members to reflect on a calling-card in the form of a diagram supplied to them in advance of the webinar. Each was asked to bring their thoughts to the session in the form of a 10 minute presentation to be followed by round-table discussion and Q&A. There was little or no time for collusion in the run-up to the webinar which made for a lively and fresh dialogue among the panel...

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London, UK – Published August 24th 2020

BIM - Driving productivity and profit in a digitised world

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the right tools to plan, design, construct and manage building and infrastructure projects digitally. The growing utilisation of BIM has been an important component of the digital transformation across the UK built environment over the last decade. For the AEC sector the adoption of BIM provides a critical opportunity to significantly improve performance and profit and reduce risk...

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London, UK – Published July 14th 2020

How SharePoint can drive efficiencies in AEC projects

The world of work has changed. More employees than ever are working remotely. Regulatory requirements are changing and evolving. And organisations are under increased pressure to work more effectively, collaborate and delivery projects more efficiently...

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London, UK – Published June 2nd 2020

Standardize and Deliver!

If you are involved in design and build projects, have you sat down and worked out how many hours of you have spent searching for pertinent documents, drawings, meeting minutes, crucial project control and legal documents etc?

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London, UK – Published May 22nd 2020

Are we talking the same language? Why ISO 19650 is key to greater efficiencies in construction projects.

Construction projects are complex. One of the biggest challenges is the multitude of stakeholders, systems and volume of documents involved. From commissioning through design and construction to handover there are hundreds – or often thousands - of individuals, multiple disciplines, companies and teams responsible for different aspects of the project...

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London, UK – Published March 17th 2020

Enabling collaborative culture for people on the move through Teams

The way we work has changed dramatically in the last decade. A shift away from fixed desks to hotdesking, remote working and co-working has been a key driver of the developments that allow employees to work from anywhere. IT services have evolved to deliver secure, performant access to information, frequently moving information to the cloud ...

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London, UK - Published March 10th 2020

Collaboration in a digital age: Why SharePoint Online is an opportunity that can’t be ignored in the AEC sector

At the heart of design and construction projects is an imperative for effective and secure collaboration. The digital revolution has seen the development of cloud-based tools that provide the opportunity for unprecedented online collaboration in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector (AEC) and associated improvements to workflows, information management and security. One such tool is Microsoft SharePoint Online, part of the Office suite ...

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London, UK – Published March 3rd 2020

The new Digital Landscape in Design and Construction

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, there is increasing demand for access to digital content wherever and whenever it is required. For design and building projects the need is particularly pronounced to increase efficiency, improve workflow between different teams, enhance data integrity and reducing commercial risk ...

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