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How Atvero helps design companies streamline project information and workflows to enhance productivity and reduce risk.

London, UK - Published February 11th 2021

is an award-winning, global practice of architects, with over 400 employees working from 16 design studios across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Chapman Taylor’s existing project information system (PIM) had outlived its usefulness, featuring a standalone document management system in an on-premises server and some unstructured data. The system also led to some data duplication and information silos, with individual designers and studios saving documents, drawings, contacts and emails to their local on-site servers in different ways. This made it tricky for Chapman Taylor’s global studios to fully collaborate and share their expertise.

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Chapman Taylor wanted to embrace a fully digital workplace with a cloud-based PIM that maximized the firm’s existing Microsoft 365 investment. This needed to be a global solution that provided a single point of access to the latest, most accurate corporate and project information.

The goal was to share knowledge and improve collaboration across studios, enabling project teams – including external partners – to work together in real time from wherever, whenever, using the right documents and drawings.

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How Atvero has helped

Chapman Taylor initially rolled out Atvero to its UK operation, where it now sits at the heart of the company’s information management hub on top of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. This seamlessly integrates the global practice’s electronic document management system, contacts, emails, intranet and image library into one ecosystem which, thanks to Atvero’s Revit add-in, also synchronizes with the firm’s 3D modelling software.

As a result, Chapman Taylor’s designers can now find the project information they need easily and can use Microsoft Teams to chat, meet, share files and work on documents and drawings together, quickly and securely. And, as everything is cloud-based, project team members can collaborate from any location, on any device.“We’re now looking at a much more streamlined way of working,” says Chapman Taylor’s Senior Information Manager, Stephen Higgon.

This set-up also gives Chapman Taylor more efficient and robust document control, whereby all current and archived documents, drawings and visualizations – even those from external partners – now meet ISO 19650 numbering standards. “This has made my job a lot easier,” says Higgon, who looks after the firm’s corporate and PIM requirements, including quality assurance and audit trails.

Atvero’s dedicated contact management capability and Outlook add-in has also greatly reduced one of Chapman Taylor’s major headaches, that of storing and easily finding project emails and contact information. Now, the firm’s designers can file emails to their projects directly, assigning the sender a project role and adding them to their address book as they go. “Those were real pain points for us at the beginning of the year, and now it’s a lot simpler,” says Higgon.

“Atvero is pulling all our business needs together. We now have a SharePoint-based corporate intranet, we have Microsoft Teams integrated, we have email – everything in one place!”

Stephen Higgon
Senior Information Manager, Chapman Taylor


Atvero has enabled Chapman Taylor to embrace the digital workplace with its project and corporate information under one umbrella, Microsoft 365. As a result, the firm is already meeting its goal of improving real-time global collaboration – most recently, in pooling the expertise of its London, Madrid, Bangkok, Shanghai studios to deliver a project designing projects in the MENA region. The next step is to roll out Atvero to more of its global studios so that everyone is working to the same IS0 19650 standard naming scheme and using similar templates.

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